How to Lower Ones Handicap during Winter

The winter is perhaps the best time to work on ones golfing technique. For one, it is unlikely for most golfers to head out to the greens for a regular game of golf. Secondly, nearly all golfers, casual or professional, take the winter off. They won’t expect you to be working on your game when the weather is cold. So, make the most of this opportunity and follow the tips provided below to lower your handicap during winter:

Winter Golf Tips

Improve Your Grip

Needless to say, the grip is an important part of any golfers overall game. If the club is not gripped properly, shots can never be executed correctly. This is why you should try and improve your grip over the winter. The great thing about this is that you don’t even have to leave the home. While you are watching TV, keep your golf clubs nearby. Whenever there is a commercial, pick up the club and grip it hard. You can switch between different grips during each commercial.

Get Your Position Right

Your head has to be over the ball and the back at a 90o angle when you hit a shot. This is the golden rule of golf. If you can master this position, you should not have trouble executing any shot you want. To work on your position, you will need a full-length mirror. Watching yourself in the mirror, you will be able to understand how to arch and stretch your body to get the position right.

Perfect Your Backswing

Now this is where you get used to the position you took up in the previous step. You have to keep doing it over and over to develop the habit. This is why you need to work on the top of your backswing. Once you are in the perfect position, start turning very slowly. At the same time, swivel your head around and look directly into the mirror. Observe if your back is in the same position or not. If it is, you have a perfect backswing.

Work on the Downswing

The shot is only complete when you bring the backswing into the downswing mode and hit the ball. For this, you need to bring your arms down while maintaining the position you were in. Again, this is best done in front of a mirror. You can use a club to get the balance perfect when you swing your arms.

Hold the Finish

Now that you have made a complete swing, it is time that you learn to hold the position. You have to hold your position after you have finished the swing to get the distance and elevation you are looking for.

If you get the chance, do visit a golf course and practice what you have learned. By the time golf season is underway, your handicap will have lowered considerably.