4 Must-Have Golf Skills

When it comes to golf, playing with confidence requires good training; specifically, mental training to ensure one stays motivated and consistent throughout the game and physical training to enhance one’s skills; which ultimately lead to playing with confidence. Both training methods involve mastering certain skills to play a better game. So, let’s take a look at the 4-must have skills all golfers should have to ensure success:


Physical Skills

1.      Excellent Balance

There is no doubt that BALANCE plays an important role in golf. Every golfer must be able to maintain excellent balance while rotating. Otherwise, they risk serious injuries or may end up striking the ball in a different direction than initially intended. So, how does one go about improving their balance? Well, to do so, we need to work on our swing.

Maintain a proper posture and hold the club perfectly. Once done, make half swings with your right foot crossed over the left. This drill will teach you the ideal combination of body turn and arm swing, while emphasizing on maintaining good balance. As part of a warm-up routine, you can use this stance to hit with a short iron.

2.      Consistent Tempo

This is not something that can be explained, as golfers need to learn it themselves. Typically, every player has a different tempo that works best for them. You too need to find your tempo by using a unique range of rhythms in which you function optimally. This can change depending on how your swing and body feels on the day. One of the best ways to work on consistency is trying full swings, varying the tempo of your forward swings and backswings. Go forward at 75% and back at 25%, then strike using your preferred tempo throughout.

Mental Skills

3.      Self-Perception

When it comes to golf, self-perception is a vital skill for ensuring success. Self-perception is the ability to accurately visualize the result of one’s game. For instance, do you know how many fairways you can hit out of 14? How many consecutive putts you can drain from five feet? How many shots from 150 yards will hit the green? Training for this is simple. Choose a shot, take ten balls, and visualize a measurable result for each shot. Then take all the shots and start counting.

4.      Locus of Control

According to numerous studies from sports psychologists, it is healthy to blame a bad shot on something other than yourself. However, the best golfers DO not blame outside forces for their failures. If you have been to a professional game, you might have noticed some players making a gesture on a missed putt. This signifies they were fooled by the slope or the grain of the green. Seldom will you ever see them looking at the putter, as if there was something wrong with it. So, instead of blaming outside forces, take responsibility for your game and focus on your locus of control to accept your mistakes and work on improving them.

So, if you want to improve your golf game, it’s time you worked on these 4 skills.